Readings: Leviticus 19:9-18, Romans 12:9-21, Luke 10:25-37
Dove Love
This week the pastors will talk about the parable of the Good Samaritan. “And who is my neighbor?” asked the lawyer. I might occasionally take the neighborly thing too far and include animals. A pair of doves made a nest on the column near the church doors before Easter and now the two fledglings are hanging around in front of the church office. I just love those little church neighbors and I find myself looking for “my doves” every day. My problem is, I worried a bit about them. Crazy wind storm – is the mama ok in the nest? She never moves – I wonder if she’s starving. Yea the chicks hatched, but one’s bigger than the other. Oh, I think they came out of the nest too soon…they can’t fly yet. Will a predator get them? It’s raining – poor babies are huddled on the ground, should I feed them? I finally did a little research and found they followed the normal process. For example, both parents take turns on the nest, so one doesn’t starve. One chick always hatches a day before the other, so one is always bigger than the other. The fledglings are coaxed out of the nest at 11 or 12 days and they can’t fly much yet. Their parents continue to feed them on the ground, consequently they get stronger and wiser over a week or so and then they fly with their parents. So why was I worried when God had the process in place and it worked perfectly? Mostly because I didn’t know the process or the outcome. Some of us feel better with a process in place, outcomes projected and then goals reached. Sometimes we can do a little research and learn the process. Sometimes God takes us a new way and only He knows the process and outcome. My little dove neighbors reminded me how big God is and how in His immenseness He still watches over the tiny details. At creation He set up the whole amazing universe, plus the natural process for birds to breed and plants to flower and seasons to change – grand, global, perpetual plans. And yet, He encouraged a brave dove couple to nest in plain sight at our church, and blessed those little babies to adulthood. It warms my heart. He fills my heart. And He whispers to each of our hearts, Don’t worry. I have the process in place. I care for doves, but I care for you more. My love created gravity to hold you to Earth and My love created salvation to fly you to heaven. Keep walking with Me until we fly away. —Tracy