Readings: Genesis 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-21, John 14:23-27
In reading Acts 2, I noticed, “Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven.” Someone in every nation had heard of God Almighty and believed! The Jewish believers were in Jerusalem celebrating Pentecost or Shavu’ot. They remembered the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai and brought first fruits to the Temple. In addition, the Judaism 101 website states, “Passover freed us physically from bondage, but the giving of the Torah on Shavu’ot redeemed us spiritually from our bondage to idolatry and immorality.” However, in God’s brilliant timing, this Pentecost message was new, this spiritual redemption was different.  In short, Jews from every nation heard of God’s wonders and the Gospel of Christ in their own language. God’s wonder and work and power were on display in a miraculous way through the disciples. Do you think He longs to do the same with us? God’s love redeemed us and the Spirit is always ready to teach us. So, let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and instruct us in whatever language gets through to us best today. As a result, the Holy Spirit’s love, wonder and power will work through us, too! God grant it. ~Tracy