Readings: Psalm 77:1-12, 2 Timothy 2:8-10, Luke 22:14-20
Then I Thought
Have you ever hopped in your car and heard that terrible click, meaning your car battery is dead? Have you ever encountered a rude driver that wouldn’t let you start in the crosswalk, or one that wouldn’t let you merge on the freeway? Sometimes I get up and find that Naughty Cat had a rough night and made a mess of her room. Yes, the Cat Queen has her own room – it’s actually our little office, but don’t tell her. Life is full of everyday annoyances. The author of Psalm 77 apparently had some terrible things going on, more than mere annoyances. He recounts his troubles and wonders if God has forgotten to be merciful. Then in verse 10 he starts something new, “Then I thought…I will remember the deeds of the Lord.” When we can take our thoughts captive, as the Scripture tells us to, we can change our attitude and our mind. We know it takes practice and the Spirit’s help, so let’s get to practicing. Dead battery? “Oh, of all the days! It’s going to be a rotten day if the morning is like this. Then I thought this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!” Rude driver? I won’t print the words that may come to mind, so just bite your tongue, breathe deeply, and think something worthwhile instead. Cat or dog made a mess? “Why did you do this, you little stinker? Then I thought, I’m so happy God blessed me with a furry little friend.” The best we can do is remember the Lord, His mighty deeds, small miracles and unending love. May your Independence Day holiday be blessed with good memories and healthy, holy thoughts. In His mercy and grace, Tracy