Readings: Isaiah 40:1-8, James 5:7-11, Matthew 11:2-15
I got my crown on Monday. Thank you all for electing me Church Office Queen! Actually, my tooth is wearing the crown. In contrast, Jesus, our King, would have us all wearing holy crowns. Patricia Mitchell, one of my favorite devotion authors, wrote about this crown of righteousness. “His is the glorious crown of being right with God. This is the crown He was born to give us.” We will wear our crowns with humility, compassion and love in honor of our gracious King. Together with the Holy Spirit, we each determine how to live “right with God.” What a wondrous rightness and righteousness He gives. How is your crown fitting today? Any adjustments you need to make? Thank You, King Jesus, for Your love and mercy. Please help us live worthy of the crown You give. ~Tracy