Readings: I Timothy 6:11-16, Matthew 21:12-17

Has a new puppy or kitten ever graced your life with a new routine? You learn quickly to put your shoes away, cover electrical cords, and not leave lunch on the coffee table. Have you ever baby-proofed your house? You might move some furniture, cover the outlets, and vacuum every day to protect the crawling baby from that puppy hair. Some life changes require environmental changes to keep everyone safe and provide the opportunity to thrive. When making personal changes, we need to do the same. For example, in my quest to be healthy, I had to throw away the cookies in the pantry. Confession time – I ate one before tossing them, which was an unhealthy choice and I felt a little guilty. More confession, I thought about saving the cookies, for a chocolate emergency, and Kevin told me to throw them away. He was an ally instead of an accomplice. I needed that. Since I have a habit of eating dessert after dinner, now I am prepared and have fruit waiting for me instead. Changing what’s around us can give us the opportunity to more easily make the right choice. Paul told Timothy, “But you, Timothy, are a man of God; so run from all these evil things. Pursue righteousness and a godly life…” So, change can require physical action; run from evil, chase the good. What kind of change is God calling you to make? What environmental change do you need to make to set yourself up for success? God will help us pursue a godly life! Working on healthy change with you and the Lord, Tracy