Marital Support


Let’s face it — a good marriage doesn’t just “happen.”  It takes intentional effort on the part of both husband and wife to make a marriage work the way it is supposed to.  But where do you start when you’re at an impasse? 

Our pastors are available to provide Bible-based pastoral counseling for couples who want to work on their marriage.  While our pastors are not licensed clinicians, they are prepared to assist couples in talking through marriage issues and working on skills intended to empower couples to improve their relationships, including communication and conflict resolution skills.  Our counseling is always conducted with a couple’s relational wellness and growth in mind, drawing upon the power of God’s forgiving love as the basis for marital success.   


As important as it is to prepare well for one’s wedding day, it is even more critically important to invest time and effort in preparing well for a life together as husband and wife!  Our pastors provide premarital counseling for engaged couples who would like some assistance in preparing for married life.  Whether persons are marrying for the first time or getting re-married after a divorce or bereavement, it is advisable to take time with a counselor to talk through marriage topics such as communication, conflict resolution, realistic expectations, boundaries with family and friends, relationship roles, parenting issues, financial goals, spiritual questions, etc.  Our pastors are committed to assisting couples in building a marriage intended to last a lifetime under God’s blessing.


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Pastor Alan Rosnau has been trained and certified as a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator through Prepare-Enrich, Inc.  Since 1985, Pastor Rosnau has provided premarital and marriage counseling for couples, administering the “Prepare” relationship inventory for engaged couples, and the “Enrich” inventory  for married couples who desire to enrich and improve their marriage.  To set up a “no obligation” meeting to explore one of these avenues, please contact Pastor Rosnau either by phone at 480-860-1188 or by email at  (For more information about the “Prepare” and “Enrich” inventories, go to: