Whether by our choices or by chance, change is going to come our way.

In September and October Shepherd will take you on a seven week study of the Old Testament prophecy of Daniel; where we’ll take up 7 choices God invites us to make.  These are choices which differentiate us from the culture in which we live.

We make these choices because we are children of God, redeemed by the work of Jesus Christ his beloved son. 

The series runs from September 8th – October 20th

Week 1:  I will not defile myself

Week 2:  I will live life faithful, even to the faithless

Week 3:  I will trust God to the bitter end

Week 4:  I will prize humility when I exercise power

Week 5:  I will learn the lessons life teaches me

Week 6:  I will trust that God will vindicate me

Week 7: Chapter 7-14:  I will look forward with persevering hope