Am I living as if Jesus is my Lord, or is Jesus really my Lord?

In our Reopening Christianity series Pastor Scott is leading us to consider the past is not our priority. The future into which God calls us is to be our focus and affection. This is at root a conversation about lordship. Who is the lord of your life? The Lord or some other lesser and less worthy lord? This weekend we unpack that question and fix our eyes on Jesus. He alone is Lord of lords and King of kings. Do we really want to go back to any other kind of life?
Romans 12:1-3
Hebrews 12:1-3
Sadly there is little to distinguish Christians from non-Christians.   This is not what God had in mind.  If Jesus is your Lord then quite honestly your life would look a lot different. We are called to be different.  To be aliens and strangers.  To live by faith and not fear.  Not to conform but to be transformed. #shepherdazonline

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